The mission of Scudo di San Giorgio Association is to increase the relations and the reciprocal knowledge between the Italian and the Georgian Nations in the Cultural and Diplomatic fields and to bring humanitarian aid to Georgia.

Humanitarian Activities


Was organized a humanitarian aid by Chairman Kheterane Bagration and by Donna Mariapia Fanfani to victims of the earthquake in South Ossetia.


Together with Professor Mandelli the Association paid for the cures of 2 children with leukemia and gave 2 scholarships for two doctors specialized in blood diseases.


Together with Caritas, the Association sent 80 tons of aid for displaced people in Abkhazia.


The Association together with WFP gave a substantial humanitarian aid to Georgia.


During the Russian - Georgian conflict the Vice president Lelio Orsini went to Georgia to organize and coordinate various humanitarian aid like the provision of food and water to the women and children at the former military hospital of Isani. In September 2008 the Association is the first organization to bring aid to the war zone in the occupied territories, bringing up to 36 tons of food, thanks to the generous support of the Nando Peretti Foundation.

Cultural Activities

The Association has been organizing since 1994 several cultural activities including conferences, forums, exhibitions and interviews on the Italian Media.

Amongst other initiatives in the Occasion of the Great 2000 Jubilee the Association organized the exhibition Georgia - Christian Land in Castel Sant’Angelo under the patronage of the Georgian Patriarch Ilia II and Georgian President Shevardnadze and Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro.

Scudo di San Giorgio has been giving more than 20 scholarships to Georgian students in various cultural fields

Diplomatic Activities

hroughout its existence the association has been performing several activities in the Diplomatic and economic fields.

In 1996 the Association promoted the establishment in the Italian Parliament of the "Gruppo Amici della Georgia". This group was made of 70 Senators and 120 Representatives.

In 2008 the Association promoted the Press Conference "Georgia 2008 towards a new International humanitarian Crisis?"

Following an intense Lobbying activity during the 2008 war with Russia, the Association convinced the Red Cross to start the biggest humanitarian operation after the one of Afghanistan with an average of 10.000 meals a day to the displaced people in the occupied territories